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Spire Group, PC was formed in 2012 from a merger that united two of the region’s leading full-service CPA and Consulting firms: Carr, Daley, Sullivan & Weir and SGA Group, PC. Together, Spire Group, PC is uniquely positioned to put our proven business expertise and dedication to work for you, offering an even more comprehensive set of solutions.
21 Feb

Tax Reform and Its Impact on Alimony

Alimony Tax Treatment | Spire Group, PC We’re not here to tell you that alimony payments are a thing of the past; they’re very much alive. However, the tax treatment of alimony for the payer and the recipient is changing as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Owing to tax reform, […]

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14 Feb

3 Reasons Why Construction Contracting Businesses Fail Every Day

Construction Contractor Failure | Spire Group, PC Lots of careers are risky—and frankly, no career is risk-free. But when it comes to a business that can fail seemingly at the tip of a hat, for any number of reasons, real estate contracting sits at the top of many people’s list. Indeed, being a contractor is […]

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07 Feb

When Buying a Business, Profitability Can Be a Moving Target

Business Valuation and Profitability | Spire Group, PC It seems simple—too simple, perhaps…You acquire a business because you determine through careful due diligence that it’s profitable, and offers opportunities for expanded profitability through numerous growth avenues. If only it were that simple. In reality, far too many investors – be they companies, partnerships or other […]

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31 Jan

C Corps Can Offset Tax Liability with Foreign Tax Credits

C Corps Can Offset Tax Liability with Foreign Tax Credits | Spire Group PC The foreign tax credit (FTC) is an essential tool to understand when thinking about your tax liability this tax season. This credit can be taken for individuals and corporations alike; however, corporations (specifically C corps) may receive an additional, indirect benefit from […]

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25 Jan

Using Financial Ratios to Drive Manufacturing Efficiency

Using Financial Ratios to Drive Manufacturing Efficiency | Spire Group, PC The goal of every manufacturer is to increase revenue by improving production efficiency. However, many manufacturers fail to take financial analytics into consideration. For instance, how efficient is your cash use? Are you using applying profitability ratios to help prioritize your inventory and production? […]

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24 Jan

How Analytics Can Propel Your Business Growth Planning Process

Business Planning Analytics | Spire Group, PC Traditionally, annual planning occurs in many businesses when senior leaders gather in a room and discuss which initiatives are worthy of pursuing during the coming year. In this regard, their decisions may be based on budgetary considerations, growth directives, or other criteria. Sound familiar? It wouldn’t surprise us […]

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19 Oct

5 Types of Digital Fraud Impacting Online Retailers

As businesses migrate online, cybercrime is beginning to expand. Not only is digital fraud impacting online stores, the process of how hackers penetrate databases in evolving. In an article from Disruption Hub, author Laura Cox writes, “In 2012, digital fraudsters cost online businesses in the US $3.5 billion, and the number has continued to grow. […]

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