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11 Oct

What Should Business Owners Know About the Section 199A Deduction?

What Business Owners Should Understand About the Section 199A Deduction | Spire Group, PC The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) made comprehensive changes to the tax code. It’s not surprising that the IRS is in the process of making clarifications to these changes, including proposed regulations for the complex Section 199A deduction. […]

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04 Oct

Deadline Looming for New Nonprofit Revenue Recognition Standards

The New Nonprofit Revenue Recognition Standards | Spire Group, PC Updated Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) revenue recognition guidelines will go into effect for most nonprofits beginning December 15, 2018. These new standards will require nonprofits to adjust their accounting procedures for certain transactions with their customers. FASB’s updated standards deal with reciprocal or “exchange” […]

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27 Sep

Tax Considerations for a New Franchisee

Opening your first franchise can feel a lot like hitting the jackpot. Not only do franchised businesses provide you with well-tested operating procedures and a reliable support system, but they actually allow for quite a bit of flexibility – perhaps more than you think. Depending on your franchise, you may be free to make decisions […]

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25 Sep

Want to Use Regulation Crowdfunding for Financing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Regulation Crowdfunding | Spire Group, PC For many businesspeople who own or operate startups, a key challenge is planning for growth. Your business may be based around idea for which you’re passionate. You may have identified a quantifiable market need. Maybe you’ve even attracted raving fans for your product or service. What’s next? In many […]

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20 Sep

IRS Responds to States’ Workarounds on New SALT Deduction Limitations

IRS Responds to States’ Efforts to Counter SALT Deduction Limitations | Spire Group, PC Can states issue tax credits through taxpayers’ charitable contributions to offset new state and local tax (SALT) limitations under tax reform? Several states have been creative in finding ways to work around the new limitation. Specifically, the question is whether the […]

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18 Sep

Discussing the Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes

How Are They Different? Discussing the Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes The estate tax, popularly referred to as the “death tax,” is much less of a concern for most Americans than the political rhetoric makes it out to be. The Tax Policy Center estimates that only 1,700 estates will owe taxes this year, which […]

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12 Sep

How Nonprofits Can Use Internal Audits to Mitigate Risk

Nonprofits Can Use Internal Audits to Mitigate Risk | Spire Group, PC Whether it’s to comply with state laws or provide contributors with financial statements, internal audits are critical for nonprofit organizations to verify the accuracy of their records, prevent the misuse of funds or assets and even identify strategies for improving operations. Internal audits […]

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06 Sep

Health Care Industry Outlook Still Uncertain Post-ACA Individual Mandate Repeal

Health Care Industry Post-ACA Mandate Repeal | Spire Group, PC When Congress passed federal tax reform legislation late last year, lawmakers included a repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate. As a result, starting in 2019, individuals will no longer face a penalty if they fail to get health insurance. Businesses involved in […]

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30 Aug

Health Care Industry Should Bolster Credit Card Data Protections

PCI Data Security Standards for Health Care Practices | Spire Group, PC As credit card payments become more and more ubiquitous for health care consumers, health care practices should continuously monitor their handling of financial transaction information and ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards. PCI standards apply to any business involved […]

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28 Aug

Tax Reform’s Changes to the Kiddie Tax

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) completely overhauled so many areas of our corporate and individual tax code that some of the smaller regulatory tweaks have been overlooked in their wake. The “kiddie tax” is one of those changes that slipped under the radar. As tax planning season approaches, it’s important to review even […]

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