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Tax Planning Strategies to Help Companies Thrive

Ever-changing tax laws in a global economy compel individuals and businesses to look beyond their backyards amidst a challenging yet opportunity-filled tax landscape. As nearly every personal and business decision will bring tax implications, taking a tax-conscious approach to all financial transactions is not only prudent, but often a competitive necessity. Spire’s tax team arms our clients with the tax knowledge and analysis with which to make appropriate personal and business choices.

More importantly, our tax planning specialists put your interests first on all tax matters. We will develop tax strategies for you or your business, and we will remain attentive to future opportunities for you to reduce your tax liability. We will ensure that you are in compliance with all current tax laws and regulations, and we will keep an eye out for future changes that might affect you.

Business Taxes

Tax planning is vital to every business—and almost every business decision has tax consequences. So, it’s critical for your business to have trusted tax planning specialists on your side who can offer timely and accurate advice for tax planning and compliance. Spire’s tax specialists will be there, at your side, to help you make the right decisions. We proactively seek out ways for you to reduce your tax liability. And, as your needs evolve and tax laws change, we’re there to re-evaluate your financial choices — to ensure your tax situation is compatible with the law and your goals.

Business Tax Specialty Areas

  • State and local taxes
  • Property tax
  • International taxation

Individual Taxes

Individual tax planning is much more than simply determining how much you’ll owe the IRS this year…or next. It involves identifying your goals and objectives, what you want to pass on to your heirs or a charity, and much more. Our tax planning professionals can help you identify those goals and make sure you achieve them now and for your heirs.

At Spire, you’ll work with a personal tax professional who you will come to rely on throughout your lifetime. As you buy and sell property, change jobs, build education funds for children and grandchildren and retire, you will have a professional advisor who understands your goals and will help you make the right choices at each stage of your life. We get involved with our clients’ lives—and we stay involved for as long or as little as you need us.

Need tax advice? Contact us for:

  • Multi-state planning
  • International planning
  • Depreciation planning
  • Entity choice analysis
  • Tax credit utilization
  • ESOP analysis and assistance
  • Retirement plan distributions
  • Sales and use tax issues
  • Income tax
  • Excise tax
  • Personal property tax
  • Employee benefit plan reviews and compliance

Exempt Organizations

Tax exempt does not mean tax-free. Over 150 exempt organizations have come to rely on our expertise in complying with tax issues such as:

  • Federal, state, local tax and charity compliance and planning
  • Entity structuring
  • Planning for complex transactions
  • Applications for exempt status
  • Unrelated business income tax consulting
  • Representation before all tax authorities
  • Development of governance policies
  • Private foundation and excise tax planning
  • Lobbying and political activity analysis

Interested in learning more about our industry-leading professional tax services, or any of our other accounting, assurance, financial and business advisory services? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to call us at (732) 381-8887 or drop us an email.

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