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25 Jul

Many States Again Set to Offer 2018 Sales Tax Holidays

State Sales Tax Holidays | Spire Group, PC

We’re sorry to say that federal tax law is becoming no less complex in 2018. But even though businesses and individuals must continue to try to make sense of it all, one tax-related benefit remains straightforward and cheery—all of the states that offered sales tax holidays in 2017 will again offer them in 2018, with the addition of Wisconsin.

For the most part, these sales tax holidays correlate to back-to-school time or severe weather preparedness. Below is a rundown of the various sales tax holidays for all states that offer it.

Reflected below is a listing of the various sales tax holidays.

State Type 2018 Dates Information Links
Alabama Severe Weather Preparedness Held in February Link
Alabama Back-to-School July 20-22 Link
Arkansas Back-to-School August 4-5 Link
Connecticut Back-to-School August 19-25 Link
Florida Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Florida Severe Weather Preparedness Held in June Link
Iowa Back-to-School August 3-4 Link
Louisiana Severe Weather Preparedness Held in May Link
Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday August 3-4 Link
Maryland Energy Tax Holiday Held in February Link
Maryland Back-to-School August 12-18 Link
Mississippi Back-to-School July 27-28 Link
Missouri Show Me Green Held in April Link
Missouri Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
New Mexico Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Ohio Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Oklahoma Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
South Carolina Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Tennessee Back-to-School July 27-29 Link
Texas Energy-Efficient Products Held in May Link
Texas Water-Efficient Products Held in May Link
Texas Emergency Preparedness Held in April Link
Texas Back-to-School August 10-12 Link
Virginia Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Virginia Water Sense August 3-5 Link
Wisconsin Back-to-School August 1-5 Link


If you have specific questions about tax holidays, or any other State and Local Tax (SALT)issues, please contact us at 732-381-8887.

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